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Work Hard. Be Nice. Don’t Give Up.



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Twenty-four Crusade alumni came to Saturday Cru Club on April 12 to host the 2014 College Crusade Alumni Career Fair for 120 high school and middle school Crusaders. The day was filled with their great advice and with fun and informative panels they concocted on careers in Education & Counseling, STEM, Business & Entrepreneurship, Arts & Entertainment, and Law & Government. Here are just a few examples of what Crusaders said were the most important things they learned:

  • Networking really matters.
  • You can get internships
  • Follow your dreams
  • Always work hard and you will succeed
  • No matter your past, you choose who to become in life
  • Surround yourself with positive people to help you move on in life
  • You can do anything if you really want to
  • Don’t listen to people who say you can’t do it
  • Get good grades and do my best
  • Keep moving forward no matter the obstacles that are laid in front of me
  • Getting scholarships is really important
  • If you fall on your face, pick yourself back up
  • If you don’t like your situation, then make it better
  • You need to be your own coach
  • Just keep going
  • Make more connections
  • Be myself
  • Don’t settle if you’re not happy
  • Don’t take rejection personally
  • Never quit on your first attempt
  • Do the right thing
  • No matter where I’m from, I can still succeed
  • There are many reasons to go to college and many careers out there
  • There are ways to get through stuff

We are very grateful to all these Crusade alums who gave their time on Saturday and used their creative talents to teach and inspire Crusaders:

Panel on Education/Counseling/Human Services
Gloria Benson ‘03, team leader
Bobby Britto-Oliveira ‘01, team leader
Richelene Cesar ‘09
Princess Garrett ‘03
Moneca Kennedy ‘01
Shelby Maldonado ‘05
Elsie Palmieri ‘07
Chanravy Proeung ‘04

Panel on STEM
Dereck Mendoza ‘05, team leader
Cindy Cesar ‘09
Bruno Lopes ‘05
Keith Michon ‘01

Panel on Business & Entrepreneurship
Leidy Olivo ‘05, team leader
Nathaniel Kwapo ‘02
Gary Yagoubian ‘04

Panel on Arts & Entertainment/a.k.a. the Wildcards
Lydel Hall ‘03, team leader
Andersen Deossa ‘09
Maura Iv ‘05
Adam Teper ‘04

Panel on Law & Government
Saikon Gbehan ‘01, team leader
Derrin Almada ‘05
Anthony Antoniou ‘04
James Diossa ‘03
Lisette Gomes ‘04

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