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Woonsocket Crusaders Meet Their E-Mentors



Since October, 20 Crusaders from Woonsocket Middle School who signed up for E-Mentoring have been getting emails from college students at the University of Rhode Island. On Saturday, November 15, all these Crusaders traveled to the URI Kingston campus for “Meet Your Match” – a day when they finally got to meet their E-Mentors in person!

The 20 college students who are volunteering as E-Mentors write emails to their Crusader mentees every week, answering questions about what college is like and offering advice and encouragement about school and life. Their volunteer work is part of a course called URI 101, which gets URI students involved in service learning projects in the community.

Meet Your Match day was filled with fun and interesting activities geared toward building Crusaders’ leadership and communication skills. They talked with their E-Mentors and played games called Name Drop, Magic Carpet, Pipeline, and Poison Toxic. They learned loads of information about URI and worked together in teams on puzzles to fit their new knowledge together.

Thanks to the URI 101 students who are serving as E-Mentors this term! They are: Erica Berube, Joseph Birmingham, Daniel Catterson, Shelby Chadwick, Daimarie Colon, Meaghan Cunningham, Lindsey De Bellis, Shaelyn Deighan, Nicole Dubois, Jessica Eddy, Jesse Fitzmaurice, Lisa Guidici, Chelsea Jubrey, Jessica McKinstry, Matthew O’Hara, Johnathan Passa, Raya Perry, Michaela Salois, Allison Shapow, and Hannah Wolper.

Their Crusader mentees in Woonsocket are: Yvette Armstrong, Elias Carrion, Ramon Cebellos, Zachary Desrosiers, Charliana Mendez, Erik Feliz, Luset Gonzalez, Lunet Gonzalez, Beizat Ibrahim, Justyce Jenkins, Michael Kelvey, Richmond Leak, Haley Lebron, Jhovanny Lopez, Samuel Meali, Alicia Mello, Vanessa Nieves, Brandon Rodriguez, Diego Rosado, and Joshua Trinidad. 

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