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What I Learned in the Real World



copsLast week, about 180 sixth-grade Crusaders spent part of their February school vacation launching businesses, delivering mail, writing speeding tickets, cashing checks, publishing a newspaper, and handling a million other details of the grown-up world. Somebody even got to be mayor. All of it happened around the busy Exchange City town square, located at Johnson & Wales University Harborside campus. Participating Crusaders got a crash course in business and civics and learned a lot about adult life by running their own city for a day. Here’s what some of them said:

post office“I learned how hard it is to pay a loan” (Eurizanda). “I learned you have to work hard to get what you want” (Mackenzie). “I enjoyed the part when I got money” (Jamie). “I learned about supply and demand” (Mario). “I learned that it’s good to save but sometimes to spend for important things” (Jan). “I learned that teamwork will help you” (Christian). “I did not like it when people were not buying anything from us” (Enid). “I learned how our parents feel” (Casandra). “What I shop kidsenjoyed most is how we have our business with other people” (Baizat). “I learned how to manage a career” (Sebastian). “I enjoyed going to the bank and receiving checks” (Jessica). “I learned there would be consequences if you don’t pay” (Claudia). “I learned to stay in school” (Erik). girl at computer“I learned I can work hard” (Jhovanny). “I learned I can do anything if I try” (Joshua). “I learned that everyone’s best at something” (Silvana). “You have to do a lot of things to be successful” (Stephanie). “I now know what it takes to be in a business” (Michael). “I learned that if you work together, you can get more things accomplished” (Karla). “I learned how to have responsibility” (Brenda). “I learned that I can do much more than I thought I could” (Jasmine).

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