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We’ll Show You the Way to Your A’s



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Congrats to over 100 RI students in 5th and 6th grade who are enrolled in our Ways to A’s study skills program this week! They are on their way to becoming new Crusaders when they start school in the fall of 2015. Our curriculum includes lessons on knowing your learning style, improving your memory, becoming a better reader and writer, how to listen, how to get ready for tests, and lots of other skills that are important to master for school success.

Many thanks to our great instructors for journeying along the Ways to A’s with students. We especially thank our four high school Crusaders who are serving as guides for younger students: Richard Keach, Steve Poueriet, Heaven Cournoyer, and Alanis Concepcion. Special thanks also to Hilary Lundgren, a 5th grade teacher at West Broadway Elementary School, who is volunteering her time as an instructor this week!

At front from left are Franchesca Sevigny, Heaven Cournoyer, and Lindsay Carreiro. At back from left are Hilary Lundgren, Richard Keach, Nick Alves, Adam Tarczuk, Steve Poueriet, and Christian Martinez.

We also thank the Juanita Sanchez Education Complex for providing us with space for our students to learn in. Here’s what it looked like with everyone in the Library for orientation yesterday!

whole group3 IMG_2735


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