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We Love Our Funders



Our generous funders mean so much to us, and lately we have lots to thank them for. We are grateful to ECMC Foundation for a $125,000 grant to support our college transition and persistence initiative. We thank Balfour Foundation for a grant of $75,000 to support our college success work. We also thank United Way of Rhode Island for awarding us $49,972 to support both our SAT Preparation program for high school Crusaders and our reading program for middle school students.

We thank Amgen Foundation for a $40,000 grant to support our STEM programs, including robotics and forensics, and Champlin Foundation for a $32,000 grant to purchase tablets to lend to high school Crusaders taking early college courses. We are thankful to Nordson Corporation Foundation for a $15,000 operating grant, and to Textron Foundation for a $15,000 grant that helps us meet the matching requirement for our GEAR UP funding from the U.S. Department of Education.

Thank you to Collette for a $7,500 grant supporting our programs and services for middle school Crusaders in Pawtucket. Thank you to Taco/The White Family Foundation for a $7,500 grant supporting programs and services for middle school and high school Crusaders in Cranston. And thank you to Fascitelli Family Foundation for a generous gift of $5,000.

Greetings on behalf of all our hard-working students and their families, and we hope you feel the love ♥!


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