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URI Student Group Welcomes Crusaders



On April 22, a busload of middle school Crusaders explored the University of Rhode Island’s Kingston campus under the guidance of P.I.N.K. Women, a student leadership organization. The mission of P.I.N.K. (“Powerful Independent Notoriously Knowledgeable”) is to educate URI and the surrounding community about issues that pertain to multicultural and ethnic female groups. PINK took charge of Crusaders for the day, sharing their experiences as college students, coordinating teamwork and learning games on the quad, and expertly leading a group tour of campus. One of the P.I.N.K. organizers for the event was Laura Wrath, who also served all year long as PR intern for The College Crusade! Thanks to P.I.N.K. for all the planning and care they invested in making the visit memorable for Crusaders!

From left are P.I.N.K. organizers Laura, Precious, Cyntoya, and Karleen. See more great photos from the visit below from College Crusade Advisor Rich Norris.

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