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Top Seniors in Our 1000 Hour Club



The 1000 Hour Club honors Crusaders who have high levels of participation in our programs since sixth grade. We announce a new 1000 Hour Club each year to recognize Crusaders who have shown remarkable dedication to preparing themselves for higher education. Four of our graduating seniors whizzed across the 1000-hour mark this year. You can meet them all here!

Katheryn Arias ’11
Graduating this year from: Classical High School. Favorite subject: Math. Also: Environmental Science and AP Biology. “I like doing experiments and making observations.” Memorable project: As a junior, she created a presentation on how breast cancer affects patients physically and emotionally. With help from: The Gloria Gemma Foundation. Recent accomplishment: Getting into Pace University, Rhode Island College, and the University of Rhode Island. Where she’s going: URI. To study: Science. Recent challenge: Writing essays for college applications while keeping on top of coursework. Support system: Her teachers and her sisters. Favorite Crusade program: Low ropes workshop on a field trip in middle school. “It was fun to get out of the classroom, and working in a team was a good experience.” About my Crusade Advisor: Helped her become an organized person. “She told me what I should be doing for the whole year.” Advice for Crusaders going into high school: “Focus on your work but also have fun. Meet as many new people as you can.” What she looks for in a friend: Trust and a comfortable feeling. Biggest unknowns about college: The work. The schedule. Dream job: Whatever combines research science and the outdoors. In her free time: Plays first base on her high school softball team. Also: Demonstrates dance steps for students who take classes from her mom. Expert at: Waltz, Merengue, Salsa, Bachata, Tango.

Jose Flores ’11
Graduating this year from: Blackstone Academy. Favorite subject: Math. “I like messing around with numbers.” Also likes: Economics. Senior project: A paper examining the cause and effect of poverty in America. Along with: Organizing a collection drive in his community to inspire people to donate personal hygiene products to local charities. Latest accomplishment: Getting into the University of Rhode Island’s Talent Development program. And: Being promoted to school yearbook editor. His latest editorial task: Covering the Boston ComicCon convention as team photographer. Latest major challenge: Realizing that he needed to become a more serious student, and stepping up his act. Favorite Crusade program: Crusade Adventure & Academic Program in middle school. What he looks for in a friend: Someone with different interests who can teach him new things. Advice for Crusaders going into high school: “Work hard your freshman year and don’t screw up.” In his free time: Martial arts, traditional Colombian dance, Boy Scouts, the Sci-Fi Club. Latest favorite sci-fi film: District 9. About my Crusade Advisor: “Very helpful. She pulled strings and got me an interview at very late notice on a campus that I wanted to visit.” Biggest unknown about college: “What’s out there for me? What are the possibilities?” Dream job: Still dreaming about it.

Frederick Gobewole ’11
Graduating this year from: Blackstone Academy. Favorite subject: Social studies. In particular: The civil rights era. “It’s incredible to see how far we have come as a country since then.” Senior project: Features a video documentary he is creating. Working title: “The Life of a Student Athlete.” Latest accomplishment: He won both state and New England high school indoor track championships in the 55-meter dash. Not to mention: He’s a running back on his football team. Plans to attend: Butler College on a track scholarship. Fields of study that interest him: Business and communications. Latest challenge: Trying to be a good role model for his younger brother. Favorite Crusade program: Crusade Adventure & Academic Program, CAAP. “I made a lot of friends from other towns, and I remember it was fun to read the book Holes.About my Crusade Advisor: “Always easy to talk to and interested in what I am doing. She helped me stay organized.” Advice for Crusaders going into high school: “Stay focused. Start early. Listen to the help that you get. You’ll have a lot of memories of high school, but at the end of the day it’s about you and what you want.” What he looks for in a friend: Trustworthiness. Biggest unknown about college: “Am I going to be able to take what I am being given and use it well?” Dream job: Any career that allows him to be a guide and supporter of kids who don’t have what they need to succeed. Latest favorite book: My Life, by Magic Johnson.

Nathan Nunez ’11
Graduating this year from: Hope Information Technology High School. Favorite subject: English. “I like to learn new words and explore writing.” Latest favorite book: The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini. Latest accomplishment: “Graduating!” Featured in his senior portfolio: Community service work for RI Local Initiatives Support Corp. (www.rilisc.org). Latest challenge: Deciding to move to Utah to pursue his college education. Plans to attend: Bridgerland Applied Technology College. Career field of interest: Electrician. “Eventually I want to learn all the skilled trades, including carpentry and plumbing.” Why Utah: “The people there are very genuine and not in a rush all the time.” Also: There are mountains. And it’s an adventure. Support system: His sister, a Crusade alum, is a student at Utah State. Favorite Crusade programs: All the teamwork and leadership programs, plus SPIRIT and SAT Prep. About my Crusade Advisor: “He has really helped me a lot, especially with recommending colleges to visit.” Advice for Crusaders going into high school: “Don’t get lazy. Stay focused.” What he looks for in a friend: “Someone who I can connect to, who I can trust and who will be there.” Biggest unknown about college: “Will I be able to push myself to get all the work done?” Dream job: Plans to build a house. “I want the structure to be unique, with lots of glass and landscaping.” What he does for fun: Programming in C++.

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