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To Our High School CAB: Thank You!



This year, 28 Crusaders from 18 separate Rhode Island high schools took on leadership roles as members of our High School Crusade Advisory Board. CAB members serve as the link between The College Crusade and their schools. They disseminate information to other Crusaders about programs, field trips, awards, and other activities, and they maintain College Crusade bulletin boards located in their school. They also meet together every month during the school year to share information, discuss upcoming events, and have fun. Our current CAB is putting the finishing touches on a new video project. The premiere is scheduled for next fall, so stay tuned!

Thank you to our high school CAB members for 2007-2008:

Hannah Alegbeleye, Woonsocket High School; Laura Angulo, Central Falls High School; Antoinette Archambault, Shea High School; Dianna Bonilla, Classical High School; Madelyn Brito, Central High School; Wlemogar Brown, Classical High School; Julio Cabral, Davies Career Tech High; Cindy Cesar, Mount Pleasant High School; Richelene Cesar, Mount Pleasant High School; Anderson Deossa, Tolman High School; Bryant Estrada, Central Falls High School; Enlly Fuentes, West Broadway High School; Yanilda Goris, Hope High School; Natalia Hernandez, The MET; Abigail Hiralien, Adelaide High School; Elvis Huertas, Blackstone Academy; Marvin Liriano, Adelaide High School; Kelly Lopes, Cooley Health, Science & Technology High; Luis Monroy, Central High School; Erika Morales, Davies Career Tech High; Crystal Morillo, Woonsocket High School; Wendy Ogando, The MET; Moises Peguero, Hope High School; Janai Perry, E-Cubed Academy; Cynthia Reyes, Feinstein High School; Charles Rodriguez, Providence Academy of International Studies; Claritza Tejeda, Textron Chamber of Commerce Academy; and Emerson Toloza, Tolman High School.

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