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Thinking critically and writing clearly are essential skills for today’s students. So are listening, speaking, and collaboration. This fall, more than 100 Crusaders in our 10-week Writing Workshop got plenty of practice in all these skills. They worked individually and in teams to understand media messages, do research and use evidence, analyze information, improve their communication abilities, and become more confident writers. The grand finale of the program came on December 8, when they shared presentations in front of an audience.

For high school Crusaders the overall theme of the writing workshop was media literacy. Teams of students created a product or service and a marketing campaign to go with it. To prepare for their presentations, they learned about advertising, demographics, target audiences, storyboards, graphic design, and music soundtracks. Middle school Crusaders focused on learning the steps in persuasive writing. They discussed issues and problems they saw in the world and created presentations that proposed solutions.

Below, Julianny, Elizabeth, Douglas, and Andres present a branding image for a fashion product they invented, and Ndoumbe, Olivia, Emmanuel, and Danny present their idea for an online product to serve student athletes. Scroll down to see more photos of Crusaders working on their presentations.

Thank you to all our great writing instructors for helping Crusaders learn to be better writers – and special thanks to Providence College for providing classroom space for our students.

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