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Thanks to TG for Visiting



The College Crusade was grateful to receive a generous grant this year from the TG Public Benefit Grant Program. On May 27, TG came all the way from Texas to visit us! Our staff, board, alumni, and students were delighted to welcome Kristin Boyer, who is director of public benefit grants for TG. During her one-day whirlwind visit, Kristin had an opportunity to meet Crusade Alums Harry Moore and Saikon Gbehan, to hear from our staff about the programs that TG supports, and to talk with a group of Crusaders from Kristina Moyet’s afterschool program at Roger Williams Middle School.

Above from left are College Crusade Advisor Kristina Moyet, Laura Polanco, Kirsi Madera, Mariah Tolentino, Lesley Angel, Laurie Brito, Kristin Boyer of TG, Tempestt Spivey, Jacqueline Escolastico, Naticca Brazier, and Sheltoniqua Smalls. Thanks for visiting, Kristin!

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