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TG Supports College Completion



As The College Crusade looks to the future, we are committed not only to helping underrepresented students gain access to college but also to ensuring that they complete college and are prepared for successful careers. We are grateful to TG’s Public Benefit Grant Program, which is providing a $210,372 grant over two years to help us launch a new college completion partnership with the Community College of Rhode Island.

Through this exciting new program, we will be providing Advisory services and support programs to approximately 140 Crusaders per year. This project, combined with our scholarship program and the recent partnerships we have formed through the The College Crusade – College Completion Initiatives represents the first stage in creating a seamless system of support for Crusaders from the time they enter sixth grade all the way to college graduation.

The grant from TG also provides vital matching support for the high school component of our Rhode Island GEAR UP program, which serves approximately 2,160 low-income urban students each year. In particular, TG supports our SAT prep workshops and our RWU Bridge to Success program, a summer residential program on the Roger Williams University campus that gives high school Crusaders academic support and a preview of college life.

We are deeply thankful to TG for its ongoing partnership with us to increase the college readiness and completion of Crusaders.

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