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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work



Story and photos by Patience Adegboyega ’16

For two weeks in July, nearly 140 high school Crusaders spent time on the University of Rhode Island’s Kingston campus at our Crusade Summer Experience program, getting to know one another and developing their team building and leadership skills. At CSE, teamwork is a running theme in every activity – from outdoor games to creative small-group projects. A favorite outdoor activity is the Crab Walk competition, where students race to the finish line while working together to move efficiently and quickly. And trying not to laugh too hard!

Another popular activity is called Create a Country. Above, a group of Crusaders share ideas about what their imaginary country will be like. As they worked on creating a set of customs, national foods, holidays, a flag, and more, they experienced the value of diversity in their group, because it gave them a rich pool of ideas to draw from. They invented the Roslin Republic, a democratic country with an elaborate history of conquering and survival. The national language would be Latin, and it would have holidays like National Dancing Day and traditions like getting a rose tattoo at the age of 16. Later, each group had a chance to present their countries to everyone.

We are so grateful to URI for providing space for this amazing learning opportunity for our students!

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