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Taking the Peace Pledge



“I believe that Peace and Respect must first exist within myself and it is then my personal responsibility to help create a school and community safe from abuse and oppression.”
(The Peace Pledge)

This spring a team of Crusaders from Feinstein High School and Jorge Alvarez High School joined together to lead workshops on nonviolence. They designed and painted a unique mural for the Alvarez cafeteria that served as a focal point for their “Take the Pledge” Day, when students pledged to support nonviolence in their schools. The capstone event was a Non-Violence Cabaret, held at Alvarez on June 4 as a benefit for the Institute for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence. Through skits, songs, dance, spoken word, and rap, the cabaret performers inspired the audience of students to think deeply about ways to spread peace and positive action.

Performers at the cabaret were the Peace Crew, Tacuma Vanterpool, Ashley Escobedo, Anibal “Jr.” Ramirez, Brian Cap B-Boys, Daeshon Jett, Chuck Oddih, The Krumpers, Rudy Cabrera & Tory Bullock of ARTiculation, and Christopher Johnson.

Students in the Feinstein-Alvarez Peace Crew are Carmen Braxton, Ashley Dominguez, Eduardo Garcia, Angela Gonzalez, Dashanell Harris, Roxanne Hines, Chinda Khamtheang, Alex Lach, Tony Lach, Judson Laurent, Jamaree Lopes, Stephanie Mieses, Hector Rivera, Emily Santos, Norely Santos, Leslie Tallo, Travissa Tallo, Kevin Vega, and Julio Vega.

Special thanks to all those who came to support the performers, and to those who contributed in many other ways, especially Alicia Capellan from URI, Brother Ray Smith from the Young Leaders Fellowship, Christopher Johnson, Rudy Cabrera & Tory Bullock, Kedrin Frias and Mike Phenglee from New Urban Arts, Sarah Cappelli of Alvarez High School, Reuben Tillman, Sean Mooney from the Pawtucket Fire Department, and Patrolman Jesse Ferrell from the Providence Police Department. Thanks also to Lowe’s, Quality Rental, and Utrecht for donating equipment and supplies. Let’s keep creating peace!

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