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STEM Exploratory Days



boys preview2 IMG_3932

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Nearly 200 middle school Crusaders attended our STEM Exploratory Days during spring break this year. They did a lot of exploring! Crusaders had a great workshop in stop-motion animation, which was expertly taught by instructors from the Rhode Island Museum of Science & Art (RIMOSA). In the photos above and at left, teams of Crusade video makers preview their animations before doing second takes.

egg crate v2 IMG_3844Crusaders also participated in a STEM curriculum guided by our middle school advisory staff. The egg toss experiment involved building a device to protect an egg from breaking when dropped out of a second story window. A surprising number of eggs made the trip intact! They tested the buoyancy of multiple objects and wrote creatively in response to prompts. See more photos below.

Special thanks to Juliette Casselman, education director for RIMOSA, and program instructors Liz Fontaine and Julian Lynch. We also thank Segue Institute for Learning for hosting our students. And look out down there – here comes another egg!

bat preview2 IMG_3940

boy with green balloon + egg v2 IMG_3893

girls yellow balloon v2 IMG_3885

boy in blue dropping v3 IMG_3891

ready to drop again v2IMG_3964

ethan group v2 IMG_3966


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