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Spotlight on Juniors



Lenny Chroek
Attends: Woonsocket High School. Grad year: 2012. Favorite subject: History. “I like to look back and see what people do to make things happen. I want to create history and leave my mark.” Recent accomplishments: Teaching hip-hop classes to kids. Running the high school’s Mr. Villa Novan pageant event for the third year in a row. What else he’s into: Yearbook editor. Prom planning. Pep rallies. Helping with the senior postgrad party. Plus: Basketball and football. Track team. His events: Javelin, hammer, discus. Biggest challenge: Staying on top of all this. Majors he’s considering: Health and engineering. About my Crusade Advisor: “We talk about everything. It’s like having a friend who’s always there.” Advice for Crusaders starting high school: “Don’t procrastinate on any academic work. If you have homework, do it right away. Keep up on your portfolio.” Highlights of his portfolio so far: Math, history, robotics. What he looks for in a friend: “I look up to my friends. I like it when they challenge me to be better.” Dream job: Playing basketball for the Celtics. Because: He loves the hometown vibe of the fans. Career plan B: Dance teacher. Video and music producer. What he does for fun: “Everything I do is fun, especially when there are people to enjoy it with.”

Malvin Herrera
Attends: Central High School. Grad year: 2012. Member of: Crusade 1000 Hour Club for 2011. Favorite subject: Chemistry. Also likes: AP English. Currently reading: 1984, by George Orwell. Latest project: An essay and poster display on the causes and effects of cancer. Latest accomplishment: Making the honor roll again. Latest challenge: Plotting graphs in precalculus. “I asked my teacher to explain it more, and now I understand better.” Favorite Crusade program: Crusade Summer Experience. Most memorable CSE experience: Flipping over his kayak. Not on purpose. Also liked: Saturday Academy, Bridge to Success at Roger Williams University, Brown Summer High School. About my Advisors: “They give me a lot of advice. When I was in middle school, I wasn’t thinking about college. But my Advisor made me realize that I had potential and could do anything I wanted to do.” Advice for Crusaders going into high school: “Do not mess up. High school is make it or break it. Set goals and do your best.” Biggest unknown about senior year: The speed. “Once I step into the building, the year will go by fast. My friends who were seniors this year had so much to do. I know I will need to prioritize.” His priorities: “Getting my college applications done, filing my FAFSA, and graduating on time.” Colleges he’s thinking about: Roger Williams University, Brown University, URI, Lasell College. In his free time: Hangs out with friends at New Urban Arts. Watches movies. Latest favorite flick: Rango.

Shariela Jimenez
Attends: Central Falls High School. Grad year: 2012. She is: Vice president of the student council. A member of the National Honor Society. Favorite subject: Environmental science. “I like to interact with the outdoors. I’m not the type of person to sit inside.” Recent memorable outdoor experience: A school project to restore Jenks Park in Central Falls. “We planted evergreens, cherry trees, and butterfly bushes and put up a new sign.” Plus: A field trip with Save the Bay to the Lonsdale marsh restoration area. “We collected macroinvertebrates and tested the water to see if there was pollution.” Favorite Crusade programs: College visits and Crusade Summer Experience. Latest challenge as a Crusader: Applying for a spot as a GEAR UP Scholar at the 2011 Youth Leadership Summit in San Francisco this summer. Topic of her application essay: The educational challenges faced by today’s youth. “I heard applying would be a lot of work, so I took it on as a challenge. I love setting the bar high for myself and trying new things to see what I can accomplish.” The result: She was one of 30 students nationwide who were chosen to attend. Is lately looking into: Undergraduate programs in environmental science. Dream job: “I want to work as an educator for Save the Bay or the Norman Bird Sanctuary.” What she looks for in a friend: “I really like my friends to be into school. We want to be something that is important to the world.” In her free time: Plays varsity basketball and softball. Helps with the Special Olympics Unified Volleyball team. Volunteers at the Ralph J. Holden Community Center. Advice for Crusaders starting high school: “Keep up with your grades as a freshman. Pay attention to your GPA.”


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