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Sharing Our Biggest Thanks!



The College Crusade is grateful to each of our public and private supporters who have made the success of our students possible. We are pleased to acknowledge the following organizations for their recent contributions.

We are very thankful to the Lloyd G. Balfour Foundation, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee for their very generous grant of $150,000 over two years to support our college success program. Balfour has been crucial to the development of this important initiative to increase college completion for Rhode Island students. Thanks to the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, which provided a grant of $55,000 to support our ReadMore program, which is highly effective in raising the literacy levels of middle school students. Nellie Mae has been an essential partner in our work for the past 18 years. We are also grateful to the Champlin Foundation, which awarded us a $48,000 grant to develop a new customer relationship management system that will help us better serve our students and their families.

We appreciate the generosity of the Amgen Foundation, which has supported of our work for a decade and recently provided a grant of $40,000 to fund our STEM initiatives for middle and high school students. We send many thanks to Collette from our high school students in Pawtucket, who are benefiting from their $10,000 grant. We also appreciate assistance from the Carter Fund at the Rhode Island Foundation, which has awarded a $10,000 operating grant, and the Nordson Corporation Foundation, which has provided a $7,500 grant, also in support of our operating needs.

Helping historically underrepresented students gain access to and succeed in college is challenging and rewarding work. We could not take the first step on this journey without the help of our supporters. Thank you for believing in us and believing in our students!

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