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Saturday Is for Academics



Dozens of middle school and high school Crusaders are investing their time and energy in Saturday morning academics this fall. Our Saturday Academy program, held at Bishop McVinney School in Providence, regularly welcomes over 80 high school students every weekend. Attendance by middle school students is even higher.

What gets Crusaders out of bed and into more schoolwork on a Saturday? Offering many extra opportunities to learn and succeed has a lot to do with it.

On a recent Saturday, the high school Crusaders in David Iadala’s English class were working on opinion essays. After a discussion of significant world historical events, they wrote responses to the statement “Nothing we do matters: Agree or disagree.” Downstairs, Crusaders in teacher Christian Astudillo’s pre-algebra class were fielding complicated word problems in percentages. Upstairs, language arts teacher Lisa Barrett was quizzing middle school Crusaders on the differences between autobiography, fiction, and journalism.

Congratulations to all the Crusaders at Saturday Academy for dedicating yourselves to academic improvement and for putting in the time it takes to achieve. And thanks to the rest of our Saturday Academy teachers and support staff: Lisa Biswas, Jason Bowen, Denise Debarros, Noel Grant, Emmy Pickett, and Tina Shaw.

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