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Sarah Richardson ’04


Sarah Richardson ’04 (St. Andrews School) graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2010 with a B.S. in Nursing. “I chose nursing because my cousin had already chosen the major and really enjoyed it and suggested it to me,” she says. “Also, I’ve always been a caregiver, and becoming a nurse seemed like the next logical step.”

I love almost everything about my job, but mostly I love that I have the constant opportunity to learn and grow as a nurse.

Sarah currently works at Rhode Island Hospital as an Operating Room Nurse with a specialty in orthopedic surgery. “I love almost everything about my job,” she says, “but mostly I love that I have the constant opportunity to learn and grow as a nurse.” She plans to attend graduate school and eventually to work as a Nurse Practitioner.

For Sarah, the best thing about college was the friends she made. “Don’t get me wrong – of course I appreciate the education, and the foundation laid to make me into the nurse I am today,” she says. “But those friendships that I established got me through some tough times. Those relationships that began between kids away at college still exist today between adults working in their careers and living their adult lives.” Relationships were also a highlight of Sarah’s experience as a Crusader. “I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet other kids from all over the state,” she says. “I also enjoyed all of the different field trips that we were able to take, like going to see the mansions in Newport.”

She was also grateful to receive a College Crusade scholarship. “The scholarship was very much appreciated,” she says. “I was working and taking classes, and the scholarship allowed me some room to breathe and the opportunity to focus on my education.”

In her free time, Sarah serves as a board member of the College Crusade Alumni Association and as a member of the St. Andrews alumni board. Also, as the proprietor of Sweet Sarah’s Rich Cakes, she makes fancy custom cakes as a side gig. “It’s a nice way to relax after a tough week in the operating room,” she says.

Her advice for Crusaders starting college this fall is short and sweet: “Be patient with yourself, because you got this!”

Learn more about Sarah’s educational experiences and nursing career, plus hear her encouraging words for students, in this great podcast interview she did with fellow College Crusade alum Victor Omoayo ’02.

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