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Presenting: Writers and Creators



High school Crusaders attending our summer course in Media Literacy are showing their creative sides lately. The two-week course, taught by PAIS English teacher Demian Yattaw, gets students involved in analyzing how messages are delivered to audiences via print, broadcast, and electronic media. As a capstone project, the students work together to generate ideas for new products and then create media campaigns to communicate the product idea to an audience.

This week’s presenters, all new ninth graders who are just starting high school in the fall, focused their energy on creating ideas for high-tech products. They wrote sales pitches about the product features and benefits, drew posters, and presented their ideas to the class using PowerPoint slides:

  • Crusaders Amado Tate, Jose Ruaro, Anthony Rezendes, and Carlos Romero invented a video game called Ultimate Gamer 1.0 that connects to the Internet.
  • Roxanna Francisco, Darelle Speaks, and Crisanta Martins developed a device called the iPod Mix, which combines the best of the iPod Touch and the iPod Shuffle.
  • Rosina Turner worked hard on her concept and poster for a product called the Hero, a solar-powered multifunction phone/wristwatch that could do pretty much anything you’d want. (Rosina chose Sonic Hedgehog as her product spokesperson because, like Sonic, it saves the day!)
  • Luis Carrillo, Joely Garcia, and Darling Melgar invented the PL2SP, or “portable laptop 2-screen printer,” a very useful laptop with two screens and a built-in printer.
  • Katherine Pena, Brianna Vega, and Francelly Brito developed a thoughtful product called the Deaf-Defying Mic, a microphone and earpiece with a special chip receiver in it that would allow hard-of-hearing people to listen to music.

Session 2 of Media Literacy starts up soon. What unexpected ideas will Crusaders come up with next?


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