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Planning a Good City Together



The mayor of Exchange City, the Honorable Coura Fall (seated above), got her judicial and law enforcement staff together yesterday. They are (left to right) Devin Kwandranc, Talysha Silva, Auburn Barratt, Abner Rodriguez, Dianna Jimenez, and Leeanna Randall. Along with dozens of other 6th grade Crusaders participating in our Exchange City program during vacation week, they will all experience the excitement and challenge of running their own city today on the campus of Johnson & Wales University, Harborside. Crusaders will take over the Exchange City bank, newspaper, post office, radio station, pizza shop, toy store, tech center, and all other institutions that make a city run. They will make and sell products, establish and enforce laws, take out and repay loans, cash checks, broadcast the news, deliver the mail, and learn how to be good citizens.

Here are a few more photos taken yesterday while all the planning was going on. Meet the Crusaders in charge of the Business & Insurance Center, the Radio Station, and the Post Office, plus all the editors and reporters at the Exchange City Breaking News!

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