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Our Declassified High School Survival Guide: Passageways



Story by Patience Adegboyega ’16

Teacher, professional athlete, orphan, homeless person – what’s in a label? Crusaders in our summer Passageways program played the label game to learn about social attitudes and become more aware of how people treat one another based on labels. The game introduced the day’s lesson on diversity, cultural sensitivity, and leadership, which is included in our weeklong Passageways curriculum for students about to enter grade 9. They learned that part of becoming a leader is choosing to be kind to all, regardless of the way society might condition us to label people.

Thanks to reporter Jonathan Bissonnette for visiting Passageways and writing this story about it for the Pawtucket Times!

Like the label game, dozens of other lessons in our Passageways curriculum give students skills and supports that will help them survive and thrive in their first year of high school. They learn how to get to know new people, how to find resources in their new school, how to set goals, how to handle conflict, how to be culturally sensitive, how to build teams, how to manage their time, how to communicate effectively, and how to contribute to a community. At the end of the week, they are tasked with working together to create their own high school, an exercise that pulls together all the skills they have been practicing. A total of 165 Crusaders participated in Passageways this summer!


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