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Oyinda and Alejandro Win Awards



Congratulations to senior Oyindamola Akingbile and junior Alejandro Claudio for their wonderful recent achievements. Oyinda has been named a Gates Millennium Scholar, and Alejandro was chosen for the LEDA Scholars Program. Learn more about these accomplished Crusaders below!

Oyindamola Akingbile
Graduating this year from: Classical High School. Favorite subject: Math. “It doesn’t always come easy, but when you get the answer, it feels good.” Also enjoys: English. “I like looking at literature and listening to other people’s ideas about it.” Latest memorable book: A Clockwork Orange, by Anthony Burgess. Currently taking: AP Calculus, AP English Lit, AP Environmental Science, AP Biology, AP Latin. Is a member of: The volleyball team. Latest accomplishment: Winning a Gates Millennium Scholarship and being accepted to 9 colleges. Will attend: Brown University. To study: Still deciding. Favorite Crusade program: All the college visits she went on. About my Crusade Advisor: “He helped me a lot with my college essay and my Gates application and was always there when I wanted to talk.” What she does for fun: Spoken word. This year: Entered the Poetry Out Loud competition at Classical. Performed: “Chicago,” by Carl Sandburg, and “Calmly We Walk Through This April’s Day,” by Delmore Schwartz. Won: Third place. Also: “I have a fascination with other cultures and languages.” Speaks Yoruba, is learning French, is teaching herself Korean. How: By watching Korean dramas online. What she looks for in a friend: “Someone who is genuine and empathetic, who can be there for you and has a sense of humor.” Biggest unknown about college: “What to study, how I’ll fit in, the new people I’ll meet.” Dream job: Whatever makes her happiest, whether it means making money or not. Advice for Crusaders starting high school: “You might think what you do at the beginning of high school doesn’t matter, but it does. Starting right helps you finish right.”

Alejandro Claudio
Currently attends: Central High School. Grade: Junior. Favorite subject: History. Why: “Because history is bound to repeat itself, and studying it gives us a broad view of what can happen in the future.” Is interested in: WWII and Cold War era. Because: “It was an example of a time when democracy and capitalism were at risk.” The book he’s carrying around: Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic, by Chalmers Johnson. Rank in his class: 1. Latest accomplishment: Was named a LEDA Scholar and will spend much of this summer on the campus of Princeton University, participating in academic and leadership seminars. Latest challenge: Adversity and ethics in society. “It is personally challenging to me to see people who are making choices that are not good and who are not living up to their potential.” Favorite Crusade program: Choices. “It teaches morals, time management, how to interact with others. The more times I go, the more I learn about how to live and prosper.” About my Crusade Advisor: “She has helped me with every stepping stone toward my accomplishments. I don’t know what I would do without her.” Advice for Crusaders going into high school: “When you enter high school, there will be many different paths to take, and you must learn how to choose the right one. Do your best. Never give up.” What he does for fun: He studies. “I love to learn.” Also: Is a member of the Rhode Island Urban Debate League. Recently: With a partner, won first place for JV in a Boston tournament. First choice for college: Harvard University. To major in: Political science. Minor: Ethics. Then: Law school. “I want to become a corporate lawyer and then have a career in politics.” What he looks for in a friend: “Personality. Someone who can challenge me and introduce me to things I didn’t know. Someone to travel a great journey with.” Believes in: Public service.

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