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Crusaders at Mount Pleasant High School have been building their skills in public speaking! On January 20, College Crusade Advisor Dwayne Clement held an afterschool workshop to give students practice in presenting ideas orally in an organized and interesting way.

Joana Delva (at left) described her interest in photography and her plan to pursue a career in real estate. Kevin Acevedo talked about his interest in drawing and graffiti art and his plan to become an artist. Kitzler Bissereth spoke on the earthquake calamity in Haiti and asked why more was not being done for the suffering population. Ty’esha Forbes discussed the topic of teen sexual assault, arguing for more awareness of the issue and more education about how young men and women can show respect for themselves and others.

After each presentation, the students got feedback from Dwayne and critiqued each other. In past Life Skills workshops at Mount Pleasant, Crusaders have explored the messages in popular music, shared ideas on the topic of “you are where you live,” and created role-playing skits about conflict resolution. Congratulations to all the speakers!


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