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Middle School Crusaders Earn Honors in Participation



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axcell collins-mena2Deciding to participate and always following through on opportunities that are offered to you is a strong sign that you will accomplish things in your life! Above, Jose Mercado from Nathanael Greene Middle School shows his honor certificate. At left, Axcell Collins-Mena from Joseph Jenks Junior High poses in front of the school’s vintage Crusade mural. Congrats to all these other middle school Crusaders, who were also recognized for having the most participation in their schools for fall 2015. From top left are Ailyn Quiroa, Hugh B. Bain Middle School; Carleslie Quixtan, Governor Christopher DelSesto Middle School; Diego Guzman, Times2 Academy; Ivanessa Ramos, Goff Junior High School; Lesly Cordones, Roger Williams Middle School; Leqwon Robinson, Woonsocket Middle School; Dravy Medina, Highlander Charter School; Gerson Menjivar, Paul Cuffee Charter School; Sandra Gbemisola, Samuel Slater Junior High; Joseph Diaz, Park View Middle School; Bryan Quiroz, Nathan Bishop Middle School; Lisbeth Arias, Gilbert Stuart Middle School; Lizbeth Guzman, Segue Institute for Learning; and Christyan Campbell, West Broadway Middle School. Missing from the photos is Valerie Rivera, Esek Hopkins Middle School

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