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Let Me Tell You Why I Love My Career



What do a lawyer, a surgeon, a theatrical stage manager, and a dog trainer have in common? They all participated as speakers for our middle school Career Day last Saturday! A total of 133 middle school Crusaders traveled to Bryant University on December 12 to hear ten local professional people describe everything about what they do in their careers.

To kick off the day, Marvin Abney of the RI Department of Education gave a keynote address that encouraged Crusaders to stay focused on education and to set goals that will help them succeed. Crusaders then separated into small groups and walked across campus to the Unistructure building for career presentations. They listened to surgeon Peter Gill explain how his desire to be an astronaut got him into medicine. They wowed in amazement as dentist Erin Walsh showed them exactly how much sugar is in every can of their favorite soft drinks. They met Uma, who visited with dog trainer Jeff Gellman, and learned how a strong work ethic is important in life. Other presenters talked about their careers in the IT, advertising and web design, fashion merchandising, and writing fields.

Thank you to all our presenters for coming to talk with Crusaders: Karl Aspelund, apparel designer and lecturer, University of RI; Daniel Burgoyne, attorney at Roberts, Carroll, Feldstein & Peirce; Robert DeFelice, IT supervisor at Blue Cross Blue Shield of RI; Kate Ferdinandi, stage manager at the Gamm Theater; Dr. Peter Gill, surgeon at Pawtucket Memorial Hospital; Professor Margaret Ordonez from the Department of Textiles, Fashion Merchandising & Design, University of RI; Jim Peters, author; Alejandro Tobon, account executive at Xzito; and Dr. Erin Walsh, dentist at McManus and Pratt.

Many thanks also to Learning for Life at the Narragansett Council for coordinating our speaker program for the day!

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