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Joshua Hernandez ’10


Joshua Hernandez ’10 (Classical High School) graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2016 with a B.F.A. in Industrial and Product Design. “I attended Rhode Island College for two years and then transferred to MassArt in Boston when I decided I wanted to pursue a degree in Industrial Design,” he says. “I made the decision to transfer because I felt ID was a great way to use my creative abilities to make an impact in my culture. Sustainability is a passion of mine, and the best way to make a change is to be a part of the industries that are a part of the problem, in essence making a change from within.”

Josh is currently employed as an independent designer in Pittsburgh, PA. He has various clients and works on many different kinds of projects. “I moved to Pittsburgh to open myself up to more opportunities, and I love the freedom I have in running my own business,” he says. “My days consist of meeting with current and potential clients and working on anything from portable office furniture to a mural outside of a gym. Though riskier, it is liberating to be able to choose when and where I work.”

Being a Crusader is something I hold dear in my heart. The program introduced me to very special people and uplifted me when things were not always the best in my home life and community.

Josh has many good memories of his experience as a Crusader. “Being a Crusader is something I hold dear in my heart,” he says. “The program introduced me to very special people and uplifted me when things were not always the best in my home life and community. I always respected the staff, and they were true role models for me. A particular person was Bobby Britto-Oliveira. I remember on countless occasions talking to him, one on one, and hearing his words of advice in the way an older brother advises his younger sibling. I still have fond memories of visiting Boston College and walking through campus, feeling intimidated but confident that I was in good company. I remember ending that day representing our cultures, and although I often felt alienated being a first-generation Guatemalan-American, Bobby reminded me of the importance of culture and having pride in family roots. That is something I carry to this day.”

Josh uses his free time to grow in his profession. “I am truly blessed to be able to work on things I am passionate about, so I try to use my free time to explore other ways I can design better,” he says. “That usually means going back to my roots as an artist by painting, sculpting, shooting photos, or watching films. There are many people I admire, and as long as I am learning, I am content with what I am doing. Aside from that, I do belong to a Christian Business Partner group and a local Rotary Club.”

For Josh, college was all about forming relationships. “The best thing for me was being able to connect with other like-minded people,” he says, “picking the brains of my professors and learning about design and its culture.”

He encourages Crusaders who are starting college in the fall to remember this opportunity. “People will often tell you to have fun and enjoy those years in college, which you should to an extent, but do not forget the reason you are there,” he says. “Study hard, make an effort to create relationships with people outside of your circle, and attend events that relate to what you want to do. Absorb and learn as much as you can, because once you leave you won’t have those things coming to you. Spend your time with people who carry the same ambition and learn from each other. You don’t always have to be in the same department to communicate what you do – sometimes it is better to have a fresh mind. To quote one of my own professors. ‘When you graduate, you will not only be competing with your class, you will be competing with the world.’ Remember why you are there.”

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