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It’s About Choices



High school Crusaders participating in our weeklong Choices program at Brown University had a treat on Friday – a visiting panel of six Crusade alumni dropped in to talk about important choices they have made. Recent alums Chris Calderon ’10, Yvonne Snead ’10, and Edgar Meza-Lopez ’11 offered their perspectives on what worked for them in high school and shared how they were making the transition to college life. Older alums Dereck Mendoza ’05, Chanravy Proeung ’04, and Michaela Bileau ’04 talked about their college experiences and described what it’s been like for them as they start careers.

In the Q&A session afterwards, Crusaders posed some tough questions. What do you most regret about your decisions in the past? Where do you see yourself in five years? What was your biggest obstacle in college? After five days of focusing on the importance of making good choices, they were ready to hear personal stories from people who have been there. Many thanks to all our alumni speakers for keeping it real.

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