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Ice Cream for Animals



Crusaders at Nathanael Greene Middle School chose a delicious community service project this spring. They sold organic ice cream to benefit animals.

“The main objective of this project was to do a good deed for a legitimate cause,” said Brandon Ramos, the College Crusade Advisor at Nathanael Greene, “and that’s raising money for the local animal shelter on Elbow Street. Secondly, I wanted to give my Crusaders the opportunity to better develop their public interaction skills by engaging the school community. Thus far, Eunice Meus, Oyinda Akingbile, and Josue Cua have raised over $100 and counting. I give full credit to the aforementioned participants and the willingness and cooperation of Nathanael Greene faculty and staff.”

Brandon’s team of Crusaders took a month to plan the project, consulting with the school nurse about the types of food they could sell and then presenting their plan to the principal. Their hard work and thoughtfulness is appreciated.

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