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I [Heart] CAAP



126 middle school Crusaders participated in our CAAP program at Roger Williams Middle School in Providence this summer. In case you don’t know, that stands for Crusade Adventure & Academic Program! CAAP is two weeks’ worth of meeting new friends, having fun, and learning teamwork and leadership through games that challenge you to be your best. Crusaders also read and discuss a book together. This summer they read the award-winning novel Monster, by Walter Dean Myers.
On the very first day of CAAP, students work in groups to define principles for everyone to abide by, such as “Work together” and “Be respectful.” Together they draw colorful figures called “Beings” to symbolize their principles. Inside the figure of each Being they write their names and all the positive principles they have identified. Outside the figure they write down everything they don’t want in their experience, such as “Swearing” and “Leaving people out.” Then they spend the next two weeks putting their principles into practice and discovering new things about themselves.

Here are some of the things Crusaders said about CAAP:

  • The teachers here are awesome!
  • I had so much fun at this program. I got to see my friends and play fun games.
  • I [heart] CAAP.
  • All the Advisors were great!
  • I would want to come back next summer.

Thanks to all our Instructors and Advisors for making it another great CAAP summer!

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