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How to “Step Up” to High School



A big crowd of 132 eighth-grade Crusaders came to our high school Step Up Conference on January 31. They met at the Providence Academy of International Studies to attend workshops and learn all about what to expect next year when they enter high school.

The workshops and presenters were:

  • Bullying, Lt. John Reis (retired), Partnership to Address Violence Through Education
  • Dealing with Difficult Teachers, Matt Sciotti
  • Healthy Choices & Relationships, Elise Almonte
  • What You Need to Know About High School, Kris McCall
  • Keepin’ It Real, College Crusade high school Advisors
  • World of Work, Erika Read, RI State Department of Labor & Training

Our team of middle school Advisors had a lot to say about the day. “I was really impressed by the turnout this year,” said Advisor Shamika Fletcher. “It was packed. The students really showed up and participated.”

“My students got a lot out of the bullying workshop with Lt. Reis,” said Advisor Brandon Ramos. “It gave them a chance to share their personal experiences and helped them learn how to deal with peer pressure.”

“My students liked the bullying workshop also,” said Advisor Jenniffer Rivera. “They face those issues every day at school, and the presenter made everything very straightforward. They enjoyed all the workshops where they could ask a lot of questions.”

“I am sure my students now are much more aware of exactly what credits they need to earn to graduate high school,” said Advisor Ranika Spiver. “They also have a better idea of how important it is to have a career plan, considering the present state of the economy.”

“It was great to be able to introduce our students to the College Crusade Advisors they will have next year in high school,” said Advisor Kevin Montoya. “There was definitely some bonding going on.”


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