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How to Give Yourself More Choices



Congratulations to 68 high school Crusaders in grades 9-12 who participated in our Choices program at Brown University during February school vacation week. They spent two full days exploring their ideas about themselves and making the connection between education and good careers. Each student then concluded his or her journey by creating “My Plan to Take Charge of My Life.” Here are some comments from Crusaders about what they learned:

  • I learned that the choices you make will not only impact you, they will impact your future as well.
  • I learned more about self-discipline and how it’s one of the important keys to continue pursuing an education and much more after.
  • I learned that the decisions you make now affect you in the long run for good or bad.
  • I learned how everything I do has an influence on someone whether I know it or not and the choices I make now will have an impact on my future.
  • I learned that the more education I get, the more opportunities I have.
  • I can be more prepared and ready for life.
  • I learned that life is hard without an education.
  • I learned how much free time I have and how I should use it wisely.
  • I learned that I need to do well to get to where I want, and I’m going to use that in school as motivation.
  • I learned that I need to stay in school so I can make something out of my life and do something I love.
  • I now know things I didn’t know before that are helpful to me.
  • Choices has taught me that it’s not too late to improve myself.
  • I am definitely graduating high school and going to college.

At top, Advisor Kalomo Vanterpool talks with Crusaders during the Job Hunt exercise.

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