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How to Become What You Want to Be



Thirty alumni professionals hosted our 6th annual College Crusade Alumni Career Fair on Saturday, April 28, and dozens of high school Crusaders came to hear their advice. In small-group conversations and speaker sessions focused on five career fields, they shared stories about their own college paths and insight about their career decisions. Here are some Crusader takeaways from the day:

  • “I learned that you should always work for what you want to do in life,” Liliana, grade 11, Davies Career Tech High
  • “It made me realize that anybody has the potential to be successful. That success isn’t formulaic and that you should value relationships as they open us opportunities,” Kevin, grade 12, Classical High School
  • “I learned a lot of things I didn’t know that could help me in college and my career,” K’Mia, grade 11, RI Nurses Institute
  • “The most important thing I learned today was building connections because the right people can open many doors and lead to many opportunities,” Stephany, grade 11, Providence Career & Technical Academy
  • “It showed me multiple options for careers in my future and taught life lessons,” Kevin, grade 12, Cranston High School East
  • “If you really want something, go for it,” Emely, grade 11, Academy for Career Exploration

Thank you so much to these Crusade alumni career speakers for giving their time to help our students take the next step in their educational journeys:

> STEM + Tech
Dereck Mendoza (team leader), Jonathan Bolaño, Christopher Calderón

> Arts, Education + Culture
Lydel Hall (team leader), Andy Deossa, Victor Omoayo, Adam Teper

> Business + Organizations
Thomas Pouliot (team leader), Hannah Alegbeleye, Thomas Evans, Stephanie Olarte, Neil Parrott, Kevin Abraham Porras, Joana Ruano, Tiffany Nouanchanh Sing, Danny Vallejo

> Healthcare
Anthonia Kuti & Franchesca Sevigny (team leaders), Michaela Bileau, Cindy Cesar, Richelene Cesar, Nafi Gogbeh, Kevin Lima, Bruno Lopes, Alyssia Ramos, Sarah Richardson

> Law + Government
Wilder Arboleda, Monsurat Ottun, Charon Rose

Wel also thank CCRI Providence for providing classrooms for our event!

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