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High School Crusaders Join CAB



Our High School Crusade Advisory Board meets monthly to discuss important issues for Crusaders, to plan projects, and to have some fun together. Here are HS CAB board members for the 2008-2009 school year:


Hannah Alegbeleye, Woonsocket High School; Alma Alvarez, The MET School; Jonathan Aponte, Woonsocket High School; Memorie Burton, Textron Chamber of Commerce Academy; Madelyn Brito, Central High School; Julio Cabral, Davies Career Tech High; Cindy Cesar, Mount Pleasant High School; Richelene Cesar, Mount Pleasant High School; Joel Colon, The MET School; Roberto Colon, Feinstein High School; Joanna De los Santos, Providence Career & Tech High; Andersen DeOssa, Tolman High School; Christen Dos Santos, Hope High School; Raul Esquivel-Garcia, Shea High School; Ana Maria Gomes, Central Falls High School; Abigail Hiralien, Jorge Alvarez High School; Jennifer Jorge, Central Falls High School; Kelly Lopez, Cooley Health, Science & Technology High School; Luis Monroy, Central High School; Erika Morales, Davies Career Tech High; Daniella Moreno, Shea High School; Christine Ortiz, Classical High School; Olga Roson, Tolman High School; Patricia Silverio, Providence Academy of International Studies; Ashley Tavarez, Classical High School; Shawntreece Ware, Hope High School

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