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High Honors for Middle School



We are proud to honor 14 dedicated Crusaders for High Honors in College Crusade participation! The students pictured below were recognized as the High Honors winners in their schools for fall 2012. Each one received a personalized certificate and a High Honors ceramic pin to wear proudly. Congratulations to everyone! If you want to win High Honors as a Crusader, here’s what to do: Sign up for our great programs and participate!

Ananyely Batista, Roger Williams Middle School; Ariel Yas-Corado, Calcutt Middle School

Carmen Zhu, Park View Middle School; Christopher Garcia, Hugh B. Bain Middle School

Coura Fall, Woonsocket Middle School; Isaira Tavares, Slater Junior High

Jonathan Molina, Nathanael Greene Middle School; Josemaria Guzman-Suarez, Times2 Academy

Manuel Figueiredo, Nathan Bishop Middle School; Nahom Gebreamlak, Jenks Junior High

Reyna Mercado, Gilbert Stuart Middle School; Roscarli Morel, Segue Institute for Learning

Brandon Lindo, DelSesto Middle School; Enajja Penn, Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts (with Advisor Kathy Reyes)


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