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Good Snacks and Good Advice



For Bridgham Middle School’s community project, leaders Karina Santos and Nicole Johnson created a pamphlet advising Crusaders and schoolmates to make healthy choices during the summer. Their advice covered three categories: healthy eating, exercising, and appropriate behavior. Here are some great ideas from their handout:

  • Try not to eat foods that are high in sugar and high in fat.
  • Run or walk 1 mile every other day.
  • Respect each other no matter race, religion, age, or creed.
  • Read at least 2 books to keep you brain school savvy.
  • Respect yourself – dress appropriate, stay away from drugs and alcohol, make good friends.

They printed the pamphlet on colored paper and gave it out to teachers, Crusaders, and other students. They also handed out free healthy snacks – granola bars and cheese crackers. Bridgham Crusaders who helped Karina and Nicole with the project were Tyrina Hosford, Elia Compean, Ana Castillo, Kerline Debras, Adrian Rojas, and Efrain Ortiz.

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