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Gears + Screws + Metal + Motors = Robots!



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It’s robotics season again at The College Crusade, and Elite Machinez is on the job! Our team is hard at work building and testing their robot entry for the 2015 statewide competition at New England Tech on Sat Jan 31. At a recent meetup night at Brown University, robot parts, creativity, and elbow grease were all on display as Crusaders worked under the guidance of Professor Jerry Daniels from the university’s school of engineering.

Elite Machinez includes Crusaders from grades 8-11. See below for photos of their progress. To see what their robot has to do this year, check out the FIRST Tech Challenge video here.

Above at left is College Crusade team advisor Tempestt Burrell. To her left are team members Stephany Cruz, Evelyn Lopez, Jason Huang, Alex Ramos, Nataly Cruz, Rene Colato, Martin Gbadebo, Heriell Munoz, Randy Urena, Nassique Hernandez, Britney Granados, and Yarisa Diaz.

Go team!

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