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Follow Us to the “Ways to A’s”



Hundreds of new sixth-grade Crusaders are learning how to take notes, study for tests, manage their homework time, and handle many other challenges of middle school that they will face in the fall. It’s all part of our annual Ways to A’s study-skills course, which got underway at the Community College of Rhode Island this week. The best part is that all the instructors are former Crusaders – Tiffany Hooks, Rahja Laster, David Miya, Chanravy Proeung, Kathy Toro, and Sarah Vanover!

Additional members of the Ways to A’s teaching staff this year are College Crusade Advisors Javier Cabreja and Judith Taveras. The program coordinator for Ways to A’s is Adam Tarczuk, who also serves as a regular instructor at Saturday Cru Club, where he teaches financial literacy and creative writing during the school year. Many thanks to all our talented Instructors and Advisors, who do so much to help Crusaders succeed!

At top from left, the 2010 staff of Ways to A’s is: (front row) Chanravy Proeung, Kathy Toro, Tiffany Hooks, Judith Taveras, and Sarah Vanover; (back row) coordinator Adam Tarczuk, Rahja Laster, David Miya, and Javier Cabreja.

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