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Focus on Forensics



Crime scene evidence. Fingerprints. Tire and shoe impressions. Blood typing and spatter patterns. Substance pH. Chromatography. Bone identification. Our 10-week hands-on Saturday program in Forensic Science teaches middle school students all the basic practices and procedures of investigation and analysis. They hone their skills at observation, measurement, calculation, and deduction. And it’s fun! At a recent session, students worked together in groups to test blood spatter on different surfaces and at different heights and angles. They learned about adhesion, cohesion, and surface tension.

Thank you to our instructor Aderonke Ilegbusi, Senior Clinical Research Assistant in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Lifespan, for leading our students through their lessons every week. Thanks to classroom assistant Samuel Ogundare, Restorative Specialist at Family Services of RI, for supporting their learning. And thanks to Bob Schmidt, Science Teacher at Wheeler School, for providing us with a wonderful custom curriculum!



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