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Finding Your Passageway



Passageways is an afterschool program that teaches ninth-grade Crusaders a lot about how to survive and thrive in high school. In this photo, Ivaniel Cepeda and Nehemy Theodore respond to guest speaker Kalomo Vanterpool during a Passageways presentation this fall at Mount Pleasant High School.

At Mount Pleasant, Advisor Dwayne Clement also challenged his students with interactive activities that got them thinking and talking about many different topics, including civics and respect for diversity, the nature of leadership, and personal goal setting. Crusaders participated in a variety of exercises and discussed how we can benefit from knowing what we have in common with others, and also how much we can learn from people who are not like us. They shared examples of good and bad leaders throughout history and came up with ideas about how to show leadership within their school. They learned how to set goals that are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and on a timetable) and made a pact with themselves about achieving them.

College Crusade Advisors in ten RI high schools held Passageways programs for ninth-grade Crusaders this fall. Congratulations to all the Crusaders who completed Passageways!

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