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David Nigri Jets into Saturday Cru Club



Pilot David Nigri, director of aviation for Textron Inc., came to Saturday Cru Club at Johnson & Wales University on February 5 to talk with Crusaders about his career and to share his passion about being a pilot. As a graduate of Central High School in Providence, David always knew he wanted to have a career in aviation, so he worked hard to make it happen. He encouraged Crusaders to pay attention to what they are passionate about when they consider possible careers. When you find a job you love, he told them, you will spend your whole life learning more about it. David described all the places he has flown to around the world, and he gave Crusaders photographs of the sophisticated jets and helicopters he regularly pilots – sometimes flying as fast as 600 miles per hour! Thanks, David, for sharing your stories and career advice with Crusaders!


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