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Crusaders Take Over the City



owners2 IMG_2769

signing checks2 IMG_2789A crew of middle-school Crusaders took charge of a city during winter break. It was Exchange City, an immersive experience in civics and financial literacy hosted in Providence by Education in Action. They ran their own businesses, created and enforced their own laws, deejayed their own radio station, published their own newspaper, and earned their own paychecks!

Above, business owners and other leaders introduce themselves to the citizens of the city and explain the part they play in making the city work. At left, employees of the Exchange City post office learn how to use their check registers. See more scenes from the city below.

bank2 IMG_2786

deejays2 IMG_2796

newspaper-fixed2 IMG_2788

crowd2 IMG_2777

insurance2 IMG_2783

mayor2 IMG_2782

natl grid2 IMG_2792

sport shop2 IMG_2798

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