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What do you get when you put a lot of kids and a lot of books together in one place? A lot of reading, of course!

On October 3 we kicked off our new Adventures in Literacy program for sixth-grade Crusaders, which is held here at the Crusade office on Saturdays through May 2010. We use a fun curriculum called ReadAbout, created by Scholastic, Inc. It combines computer-based learning with quiet reading, writing in response to text, and teacher-guided sessions. There are all sorts of interesting topics in science, social studies, and the arts to read about. One of the things Crusaders love best is the part of the day when they get to work at a laptop to read articles and answer questions on their own.

We offer a warm welcome to our ReadAbout staff who will be with us for the coming year. Our ReadAbout Coordinator is Carol O’Connell, and our Head Teachers are Leda Valerio and Stacey Crofton. Our Assistant Teachers are Linda Barros and Marie Carreiro, and our Parent Liaison is Celia Bravo. Many thanks for your hard work and dedication as you help Crusaders become better readers!

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