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Crusaders on the Case



Why are there two bodies in the basement? Do the clues show what happened? Two dozen middle school Crusaders learned the science of forensics at Wheeler Summer Camp this month and tried to solve the mystery! Instructor Bob Schmidt of Wheeler taught them how to observe at a crime scene, how to collect clues, and how to analyze evidence like blood stains, fingerprints, and shoeprint castings. They used math, physics, biology, and chemistry to learn as much as they could, and then drew conclusions about events based on the evidence.

WRNI education reporter Elizabeth Harrison was along as the mystery unfolded and narrated the investigation for public radio. She talked with Crusaders and with College Crusade Advisor Mayamu Kamara. She also interviewed Bob Schmidt and Wheeler summer camp administrator Joe Baer. To hear her segment on the WRNI website, click here.

Above, an alert Crusader records crime scene evidence marked by yellow tags. At left, two investigators compare notes as they produce a sketch of the crime scene.

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