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Crusaders Cash In on Money 101



Crusaders in 12 middle schools are just getting started with our Money 101 afterschool financial literacy workshop. It’s a custom curriculum designed especially for them! They will be meeting with their Advisors once a week this spring to learn how to decipher between their needs and their wants and to grow their money smarts. Money 101 features lessons in making a budget, balancing a checkbook, reading a pay stub, and other financial topics for young students.

At left, Luis Guerrero, an 8th grade Crusader at Roger Williams Middle School, works on deciding which items he should start saving money for. It’s a new way of thinking for him. “Being an adult is going to be harder than I thought it was going to be,” he says. But he has a head start. Money 101 gives Luis and dozens of other middle school Crusaders valuable early skills in tackling the challenge of managing money.


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