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Have you ever had an idea for a cool new product or service that you think people might like? How would you communicate your idea to others? To communicate well, it helps to be a good writer.

Since the beginning of October, six classrooms of middle school and high school Crusaders have been meeting on Saturday mornings at Providence College to sharpen their writing skills. The program, called “Critical Thinking and Writing Workshop on Media Literacy,” gets participants involved in thinking deeply about our media-saturated culture and writing in response to it. The workshop gives Crusaders many individual opportunities to practice and improve their writing skills. Students are also working in teams on long-term media projects that require them to come up with creative ways to communicate with target audiences – by designing product taglines, advertising, internet campaigns, and other kinds of marketing.

Last Saturday, the high school writers took a break from working on their media projects to attend a presentation by Karen Donovan, marketing & communications officer for The College Crusade. They learned about all the different ways the Crusade communicates with audiences, both online and in print. Then they broke into small groups to brainstorm ideas for improving Crusade communication via our blog, videos, and Twitter. See the photos above for everyone who contributed ideas. Next week they will all be presenting their own final projects, so wish them luck!

Many thanks are due to Providence College for partnering with us in this 10-week workshop, and for providing classroom space and 6 undergraduate writing instructors: Elizabeth DeGary, Natalie Sabia, Elizabeth McDougal, Justine Mullen, Peter Proulx, and Chelsea Savago. We also thank United Way of Rhode Island, which has provided three years of funding to support two workshop sessions per year for a total of 180 student writers!

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