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Crusade Families Power Up! with Good Nutrition



ironwill kids plate clipThis summer, thanks to the Ironwill Kids Power Up! Program, 36 Crusade families benefited from a 10-week wellness workshop that focused on nutrition and healthy eating. They learned how to identify processed food versus natural food, how to read food labels, how to make good choices about consuming food and drink – and even planted vegetables and made smoothies for taste testing!

last session mark scherzer 2014-08-27 v2We are grateful to Mark Scherzer (at left), president and chief creative officer of Ironwill Kids, for coming to our final workshop session on August 27 to meet our families and celebrate a successful summer of learning.

Crusade parents who attended all ten weeks of Power Up! were awarded a coin from Farm Fresh Rhode Island to exchange for produce at a local farmer’s market. Congratulations to: Corina Aguilar, Silvia Amado, Gertrudis Bautista, Evangelina Betances, Claudia Cambero, Maria Carias, Patricia Castaneda, Dominga Dalomba, Sucely Gudiel, Norma Herrera, Kee Kue, Carmen Larancuent, Ingrid Marcia, Hellen Martinez, Marta Mayorga, Sauvania Meronville, Andrea Morel, Ekaete Okon, Cynthia Perez, and Elsa Suchite.


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