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Last week, during February school vacation, over 160 ambitious sixth-grade Crusaders took the government and business world into their own hands. They became residents of Exchange City, an interactive civics environment created by Education in Action and hosted by Johnson & Wales University’s Harborside Campus. They appointed a mayor, developed city rules and regulations, established and ran businesses, did their banking, published a newspaper, and even ran a radio station!

Everybody learned a lot about themselves and what it means to be part of a working community. Here’s what some Crusaders said about the experience:

  • “You’re not going to always work with the people who are your friends – You’re gonna go through rough times” (Jaymi)
  • “It’s very hard running a business (Daniel)
  • “We all have to be connected in some way to function well” (Diomedes)
  • “My part also affects the community” (Patience)
  • “At first I was nervous and didn’t think I could do it” (Isayra)
  • “I can concentrate when I want” (Kwame)
  • “It is important to be friendly and take care and be fast” (Jennifer)
  • “I learned I can do anything if I work hard” (Wendy)
  • “I am creative” (Gina)
  • “I am a good videographer” (Helen)
  • “I like being an owner, but it’s hard” (Jessica)
  • “You have to be responsible and respectful” (Sherley)
  • “I like being the boss” (Leslie)
  • “I had to sign a lot of stuff” (Damien)
  • “I learned how to handle money” (Madeline)
  • “I can help a lot of people” (Jharyd)
  • “I like to work and someday I might work as a toy designer or toy maker” (Jessica)
  • “I learned that I would like to work in a bank” (Alanis)
  • “I’m really good at math” (Victor)
  • “I learned I can do my best” (Richard)
  • “I learned every job is unique no matter what” (Cassidy)
  • “It takes time and honesty” (Alexia)
  • “I can be a leader and not a follower” (Kendal)
  • “I learned how hard it can be in a real job” (Gisselle)
  • “Sometimes people don’t get along” (Ariel)
  • “I should get a job that keeps me moving” (Keren)
  • “I learned that I really want to be a reporter when I grow up” (Arianna)
  • “I can accomplish anything I set my mind to” (Leandra)

So what did you do during February vacation?

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