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Crusade Alumni Enjoy Thanksgiving Mixer



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princess sarah2Twenty-nine Crusade alums gathered for food, drink, and great conversation at our first ever Crusade Alumni Thanksgiving Mixer at Ladder 133 in Providence on Nov 25. Above, Lydel Hall ’03 welcomed everyone and provided an overview of the College Crusade Alumni Association. At left, Princess Garrett ’02 and Sarah Vanover ’06 checked guests in at the door.

The College Crusade Alumni Association invites alumni to participate in meaningful networking and volunteer opportunities while supporting The College Crusade of Rhode Island in its mission to prepare students for college and career success. Many thanks to these members of our Alumni Steering Committee, who served as hosts for the event: Gloria Benson ’03, Bobby Britto-Oliveira ’01, Princess Garrett ’02, Lydel Hall ’03, Dereck Mendoza ’05, Leidy Olivo ’05, and Franchesca Sevigny ‘08.

Additional Crusade alums who attended were: Tolulope Akinrimisi ’06, Caroline Akiode ’13, Hannah Alegbeleye ’09, Nick Alves ’12, Tempestt Burrell ’05, Cindy Cesar ’09, Richelene Cesar ’09, Andy Deossa ’09, James Diossa ’03, Brian Estrada ’09, Moneca Kennedy ’01, Kristyn King ’05, Anthonia Kuti ’03, Nathaniel Kwapo ’02, Lesly Laurenceau ’05, Manny Munoz ’04, Franklin Nunez ’09, Sam Osei ’09, Thomas Pouliot ’05, Ranika Spiver ’01, and Jahnmary Vazquez ’05.

Thanks also to our Alumni Relations Assistant, Sarah Vanover ‘06, who coordinated everything!

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