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Congrats to Our 2017 Valedictorians!



Linmary DaRosa ’17
Valedictorian at Central Falls High School
(At left with her advisor Marlene Martinez and Neliza Centeio)

College Crusade advisor Marlene Martinez says:

Three adjectives that best describe Linmary are determined, goal-oriented, and feisty. She has always been determined. Since freshman year she set the goal of being top of her class – at first “settling with” second or third, but then as she started seeing her goal being met, she extended her goal to being #1. She’s involved and well spoken – going above and beyond when it comes to her assignments and goals. She’s kind but knows her worth and goes for her dreams. She doesn’t allow people to walk over her and uses her resources wisely. She’s speaks up for the disenfranchised and uses her platform to spread a message of hope and motivation.

The highlight of her graduation speech was this quote: “So create memories, and one day if you go back and think about your life and come to the conclusion that high school was the best four years of your life then you did something wrong. So go out and do what your heart desires, follow your dreams and when it comes to your dreams don’t listen to any voice other than your own.”

Next year Linmary will attend Salve Regina University to study biology and plans one day to be a neurosurgeon.


Jacqueline Mejia ’17
Valedictorian at Academy for Career Exploration

College Crusade advisor Chelsea Davignon says:

Three adjectives that best describe Jacky are compassionate, conscientious, and diligent. Jacky is a very special student. She stands out in my mind not only for her academic ability but for her interpersonal relationships. She spent 4 years at ACE and made a lasting impression on the students and staff here. She is well known in the school for her love of animals and spent her senior year interning for an animal shelter. She also collected items to donate to the shelter. School always came easy to Jacky but she still worked hard to push herself. She was always taking classes outside of her requirements at ACE. Her transcript is full of AP and advanced classes.

Jacky gave a controversial speech at graduation. It included a paragraph about how she felt there was not enough communication between the school and the students. I asked her why she decided to include that part, and she explained that she did not write her speech alone. She wrote her speech with the other 47 students in her class and she felt that since she was given a platform she needed to speak up for her classmates. Although speaking up was a difficult decision for her to make, I think this speaks to who Jacky is as a person and where her morals lie. She also encouraged her classmates to look toward the future and constantly keep moving toward their goals.

Next year Jacky will be attending the University of Rhode Island and plans to enter the pre-veterinary program.


Lisbeth Valdez ’17
Valedictorian at Hope High School
(At left with her twin sister Leinni and her advisor Dymond Bush)

College Crusade advisor Dymond Bush says:

Three adjective that best describe Lisbeth are persistent, outgoing, and determined. She stands out because of how hardworking she is. It was amazing that she accomplished so much and participated in so much. She had a full course load with three AP classes, dual enrollment, and Advanced Coursework Network classes, and track and field. She somehow managed it all! She also stands out because of how determined she was about college. She would see me every day about college stuff.

The highlight of her graduation speech was when she recognized her twin sister, Leinni. She was sad that Leinni couldn’t be on stage with her, but she wanted everyone to know that she wouldn’t be there without Leinni.

Next year Lisbeth will be going to Brandeis and will study physical therapy. She will also run track for Brandeis.

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