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Choosing Careers + Following Dreams



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Crusaders who attended Saturday Cru Club at CCRI Providence on April 18 had a big treat in store – the 2015 Crusade Alumni Career Fair came to visit! An inspiring and accomplished group of 29 Crusade alums spent the whole morning with Crusaders, talking with them about college and career decisions and sharing their experiences as working professionals. Our alumni speakers represented many diverse career fields, including STEM & Healthcare, Business & Organizations, Education & Counseling, Law & Government, and Arts & Entertainment.

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Crusaders had a lot to say about what they heard. Kenny, a 6th grader, said, “It’s cool to know about new things.” Isabella, a 9th grader, said, “I got to learn about many different careers and especially one I’m interested in doing when I’m older.” Albert, who is in 10 grade, said, “There was a lot of good information and exposure to the real professional world.” Ashley, also a 10th grader, said, “I got more information on college than I had before I came here, and it made me think more about going to college.” Here, in their own words, is more about what Crusaders learned:

You should always fight for what you want and how you want to reach that goal.
You need to go to college because it takes you far in life.
Don’t let anyone ever bring you down. Believe and trust in yourself.
No matter how many times you fail, continue till you succeed.
Always have a backup plan for careers and always follow dreams.
As you get older, you change your mind on what you want to do.
To achieve your goals, you need to give your biggest effort.
It takes time, and you need to work harder to achieve the job you want.
As long as you set your mind to it, you can achieve it.
You shouldn’t give up on your dream, no matter what pushes you down.
You have to work hard to be something you want to be.
Stay in school.
You have to keep your grades up.
College is the most important thing to get any job.
Some were at the bottom but made it to the top.
Having a job you’re interested in helps you do better.
You shouldn’t be scared of rejection.
Most people change their minds about the jobs they want to get, and the job you want isn’t always as you think it is.
I learned about different colleges and paths that I can take to get there.
I have plenty of time to think of a career and take various classes.
Practicing things now will help give you a head start in the future.
Hard work and education is the most important thing in life.
I don’t have to choose one career and be stuck in it.
Don’t be scared about college and go with a career that fits you.
I should push myself to achieve what I want.
College helps you learn who you are and what you really want to go into.
Always believe in yourself and do something to match you that you’ll enjoy.

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We are very grateful to all these Crusade alumni career speakers for sharing their college and career stories with students:

 STEM & Healthcare speakers: Dereck Mendoza ‘05, team leader, with Jonathan Camadeco ’03, Tiffany Hooks ’04, Bruno Lopes ’05, Sam Osei ’09, and Sarah Richardson ’04.

• Education & Counseling speakers: Gloria Benson ’03 and Bobby Britto-Oliveira ‘01, team leaders, with Keith Michon ’01 and Wynston Wilson ’03.

• Law & Government speakers: Saikon Gbehan ’01 and Lisette Gomes ’04, team leaders, with Derrin Almada ’05, Anthony Antoniou ’04, James Diossa ’03, Stephanie Gonzalez ’04, and Tolulope Kevin Olasanoye ’02.

• Business & Organizations speakers: Leidy Olivo ’05 and Sarah Vanover ’06, team leaders, with Tolulope Akinrimisi ’06, Luzjennifer Martinez ’03, Thomas Pouliot ’05, and Sabrina Solares-Hand ’03.

• Wild Card / Arts & Entertainment speakers: Princess Garrett ’02 and Lydel Hall ‘03, team leaders, with Hannah Alegbeleye ’09, Andersen Deossa ’09, Victor Omoayo ’02, and Adam Teper ’04.

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